Hear From Our Warriors


“Striker has been a God sent, and I have seen a change in me and my weight already having him in my life. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.” SSG Curtis, US Marines
SSG Curtis and Striker

Molly was in her cage when I saw her on a tour of the shelter and boy did she have the puppy eyes mastered! She gave my friend and I the look of “get me out of here, I just want someone to love!!” I knew I wanted to bring her home right then.

Before I found Molly, I was looking for a dog as an adventure buddy to help me be more outgoing and interact with people more confidently when I’m out and about. Soon after getting her home I realized I also found a reason to get up and get moving in the morning, a happy face when I come home, a true companion.

Molly has a couple of habits that she wasn’t taught as a pup not to do, but she is SO smart and eager to please. I have no doubt she’ll mature into a great dog with my patience and dedication. I love having Molly around because she’s a work in progress – a challenge, but one that is ALWAYS rewarding. This alone has been a great distraction for the negatives in life, it’s hard to stay upset when you have a dog that looks at you like you’re their entire world!!!

Christina Esposito

Retired US Army, Vietnam Veteran Nickels
“My service dog passed away and I wanted to adopt another dog. It does not matter to me Bud is heartworm positive. Since adopting Bud and bringing him home I have been happy again and he is helping me have a positive attitude, We are starting Bud’s obedience training and if all goes well then service dog training. Either way I love Bud and he has a forever home with us. I do hope Bud and I can provide pet therapy support to other Veterans. “
Tim Nickels

LaVonne, sometimes us older guys are retired, empty nesters and need a pal.  I was fortunate to find Ella with your help and kindness.  She is a full member of the family.  Ella has been a blessing to us, we cannot imagine our home without her.  Thank you Paws and Warriors!” Bob Bowermaster, (retired, US Marines, Vietnam Veteran)

Bob Bowermaster