For the men and women who selflessly serve our country in the military, the transition and life out of the military can be a tough one. Some are missing limbs or suffering from other physical disabilities. Others struggle with PTSD, thoughts of suicide, and the various forms of mental and physical disabilities associated with military service.

Founder LaVonne Bower created PAWs to help pair area veterans with an animal that has been “wounded” or is at a high risk for being euthanized enabling emotional support and companionship for the veteran.

Research has shown that therapy animals provide help and support to returning soldiers in countless ways. The VA even offers pet therapy programs because they recognize the benefits. However, those programs are limited only to VA hospitals. The visits can be quite random and sporadic.

While Veterans can be eligible to obtain a Service Dog, the waiting list is incredibly long, and the cost can be prohibitive. Not all Veterans require a Service Dog but would benefit from their own therapy dog.

The overall mission of PAWs is to match therapy animals with a veteran with the hope and ability to transition the match to become a therapy dog team to help others.  All the while, help animal shelters who are overwhelmed in finding their dogs and cats find a good home to a worthy veteran.


LaVonne, sometimes us older guys are retired, empty nesters and need a pal. I was fortunate to find Ella with your help and kindness. She is a full member of the family. Ella has been a blessing to us, we cannot imagine our home without her. Thank you Paws and Warriors!
Bob Bowermaster, (retired, US Marines, Vietnam Veteran)

Serving Veterans from all Branches of the Military


Thank you for your service!