For the men and women who selflessly serve our country in the military, the transition and life out of the military can be a tough one. Some are missing limbs or suffering from other physical disabilities. Others struggle with PTSD, thoughts of suicide, and the various forms of mental and physical disabilities associated with military service.

LaVonne Bower founded Paws and Warriors as part of her passion to help Veterans coupled with her passion for rescue animals. Together, LaVonne and her team of volunteers search far and wide to match Veterans needing emotional support animals or service animals. Great detail is required ensuring the very best fit for the Veteran is achieved. Our hope and end result for each Veteran is to help them live a better life and to enjoy a life they’ve somehow lost. Through their matched, rescued animal, these Veterans are able to cope with matters they have not been able to do on their own.

Research has shown that therapy animals provide support to those in need in countless ways. Veterans, in particular, have limited resources for their needs and it’s our mission is to help provide the additional resources our Veterans need and require. Further, many Veterans believe they need a service animal which is not the case in many instances. Companion and emotional support animals can and do often fit the role of the Veterans need.

Matching rescue animals with a Veteran in need is LaVonne’s passion and her drive to help others is evident the moment anyone meets her. LaVonne is supported with a great cast of volunteers including her husband, Matt, a seven year US Army veteran.

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LaVonne, sometimes us older guys are retired, empty nesters and need a pal. I was fortunate to find Ella with your help and kindness. She is a full member of the family. Ella has been a blessing to us, we cannot imagine our home without her. Thank you Paws and Warriors!
Bob Bowermaster, (retired, US Marines, Vietnam Veteran)

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Thank you for your service!